Thank you for stopping by. Welcome to Eleph Myrrh. Myrrh is used as a restorative medicine. It is known for its ability alleviate pain,cleanse and calm the nervous system. It is also a symbol of death. Myrrh was used to preserve the deceased and slow decay. With the combination of Eleph (short for elephant), the summary of the two words put together means triumph from death. The name expresses giving life to the “dead.”

I commit myself to helping others create a meaningful life through the heart space. The heart space creates healing, alleviates loneliness, and sees no enemy. Where there is no enemy, there is no harm done to others. The heart carries a wisdom the brain cannot comprehend. The heart sees through humility, understanding, compassion, emotional power and empathy. The heart sees a heartbeat in all life.

Unified Heartbeat

The heartbeat is the first sound demonstrating your body has an unconditional love for you. All life is a unique heartbeat. All life is a single heartbeat beating to a different drum. The heart is a reminder you are never alone. The heart sees no separation. It sees all pain as its pain and all joy as its joy. I have dedicate myself as well as five percent of proceeds to help human trafficking/sexual abuse survivors. Over fifty thousand people are trafficked in the United States alone. It effects every country in the world and it is global epidemic. Five percent of proceeds from my individual sessions will go to a human in need.

Myrrh Technique

I have spent the last five years putting together a technique that alleviate symptoms of trauma by using the heart space.A condensed definition of trauma can be described as repeated exposure to emotionally or physically threatening stimuli.The brain may or may not be able to understand and comprehend events. However, this is not the only place information is stored. The heart and the emotional body offer healing by processing information through a filter that cannot be rationalized by the brain. It can be healed by the emotional body(heart) This filter offers a wisdom that allows individuals to experience their own insight through compassion,acceptance,and understanding.Embrace inner peace.

Step Into Kindness

Kindness and Myrrh Restore Life.


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