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I am a self taught artist. I have a vivid and lively inner world and I prefer to spend most of my time there.Through my paintings I strive to influence, inspire,give hope, passion and renewal to anyone who sees them.

Please note: All viewers should be aware that the copyrights of the following art located on this website may be viewed for browsing or buyer’s purposes only. Reproduction is not permitted.

Intuitive Flow

Symbolizes weightlessness, no boundaries, the restlessness of life and having to surrender to the chaos. It is trusting to not always listen to your ego and what you have been told you should identify with. There is more to life than what you can comprehend.


Symbol of Inner Knowing. Trust yourself.


Symbol of protection and safety.

Internal safety is achieved by doing it scared and integrating the experience.

Lilith Remade

Jewish lore says that Lilith was Adam’s first wife. She was depicted as a ‘night creature’ and ‘Monster of the Night’ after she would not submit to Adam to do her ‘wifely duties.’

Do not let others influence the direction of your life. Never let anyone make you feel inferior for not submitting to their wishes.


This piece is a symbol of letting go. Be present. You will go much further.


Yin can be described as the feminine in Chinese philosophy. Yin has characteristics of the subconscious, absorption, receptiveness, darkness (or the hidden),the heart, water and passiveness.

Our society is currently very much showing characteristics of too much Yang or masculine characteristics. Life is about balance. To reach a state of harmony everything must have its time and place.

Medusa Remade

I have always related and empathized with villain characters. Medusa is a person I relate to as well as many men and women around the world.

I wanted to remake her into a character that is hopeful about the future. Medusa Remade is a reminder to you that your inner voice is valuable. She strives to be an empowered person (not a victim).

Magical World

In my magical world everyone would be happy. The kinda happy where you don’t have to pretend. Everything is colorful and vibrant. In my world everyone has a unique gift and they love to share it. There would be no money. You barter your gift to learn something new. In return you receive food and a place to live.


The opposite of conditioning is innate or natural behaviors. Free your mind with this tapestry.

100% polyester fibers


You are included. You are included in all things. You are included in happy events and sad events. You are never excluded. You belong.

This piece was created to add the sensation of closeness,belonging and interconnection to your everyday life.


This wall tapestry comes in two sizes. It was created for individuals that have lost their mother, misses their mother, has a troubled relationship with their mother or simply needs comfort.

Made with vibrant colors

Lightweight material


This wall tapestry was created to help add love and encouragement in a mechanical world.

100 percent polyester microfiber



Find relief and come home to yourself.

Material used: water-resistant vinyl

Eco-friendly:These stickers come in a variety of sizes and are earth-friendly using eco-solvent inks


This wall tapestry was created  to help you add the practice of grace into your everyday life. Give yourself grace today.

100 percent polyester microfiber

Vibrant colors

Lightweight material

Light of the World

Fine-art paper print to inspire and nurture inner light.


Art prints are giclée printed using water-based inks on sustainably sourced fine art paper, making me an eco-friendly product

Equipped with thick window-cut cardboard frame that comes with a natural light color. These uniquely designed prints can be hung as-is or inserted in a protective frame of your choice

© 2021 Eleph Myrrh

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